With the cybercrimes on a rise, Our Website as a company, is striving towards keeping your personal information safe. The methods it adopts at doing it is being mentioned below.

Acceptance, in your hands

You can read and understand the policy clearly, and choose to accept it or not. Once accepted the company is free to use the information you have given according to it. The website is also entitled to change the policy as the needs arise, but you will be informed about and can opt out of the option when required.

Cookie complication:

It is essential for the user to know that once you have registered on the site, you will be sent personal information tablets in the form of cookies. These cookies act as medium to collect data regarding your location, to know the pages you have browsed etc.

This facility helps the servers track you with no more than mere number and avoids you divulging personal information. It can be used for statistical purposes on the site too. The cookie therefore helps in making your use safer.

How is your information used?

First off all your personal information is given when you either register at the site, you contact us for details, you voluntarily submit it at a forum, or you disclose t in the public areas of the site.

This information got is used wisely and only to make the website and your experience better. The basic aim is to send billing, promotional updates and also to manage your account successfully.

  1. Information might be used to send out mails regarding the services on offer, or in response to your queries or opinions. We require, keeping you abreast with the promotional policies and other current events on the website. You will receive such important mails as long as you are a member and cannot opt out of it.
  2. Sharing your information: This is an essential component you need to be aware of. We share information to certain parties who collaborate with us in order to run the site. They help us in the conducting of the site as well as marketing of it. These parties are empowered with amount of knowledge to run their tasks, are bound strictly to our privacy policy and are not entitled to perform any other actions with it.

There some other third party links on our website, basically related to advertising, these links may ask you for your details, but be careful as their policies are different from ours and you will need to read that up carefully.

We also disclose details when demanded by law, or when we feel the activities require legal intervention.

We are also forced to part with information when we sell or merge with other companies.

Other than in these cases your information is stored and protected safely.

You are you own guard

Very often vital information is leaked from your side. Nobody can use your account unless they have access to your unique id and password. Never unveil it to anybody unless you are completely sure.

Deletion of information:

You are entitled to change and edit information on Our Website and also delete it when required. But remember you might lose access to certain areas of the sites, and will not be able to get a refund for the prepaid facilities you have cancelled. The company might also charge you a small fee for the proceedings.

So always think twice, and have a clear idea regarding the privacy policy before giving up any personal information.

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