Problem Gambling

Gambling addiction is just like any other addiction, it is the compulsive nature of a person who cannot stop on their own. Gambling has become a problem in several areas, and it consists of different levels in severity, depending on the person.

For some people, the thrill on gambling is very exciting to them. The risk of betting and losing money creates a high for the player, making it very difficult for them to stop. This thrill can be very dangerous if ignored, leading players to continue betting well past their budget. It is only after they lose a large amount of money that they realize they have gone too far.

Players can react differently to gambling addiction. While some may continue until they have a massive amount of debt, others will play when they are depressed as an escape from the real world. No matter what the reason is, gambling addiction can lead to serious problems if not addressed as soon as possible.

How to Tell if you are Addicted

While some people can limit their gambling addiction by limiting the amount of funds they can have access to, some people are unaware of the warning signs of gambling addiction. For some, it is hard to draw the line between good natured fun and addiction. Here are some warning signs to look out for in case you think you may be a gambling addict.

  • First, gambling to ease financial troubles is a serious indicator of gambling addiction. Players who are trying to make a profit while gambling may resort to selling property or borrowing large amounts from friends and family. While they intend on winning a lot of money and paying everyone back, the fact that a gambler goes to this extent shows that they are addicted.
  • Secondly, gambling addicts let their addiction get in the way of personal affairs. An addict will put off time with family members, work, or even sleep so that they can continue to gamble. This puts a tremendous amount of stress on those who are around the person, as well as endanger the well being of the addict as well.

Finding Help

Gambling addiction can be cured, and there are several support groups out there that can help. Counseling, medication, and support groups are out there to help a person who is addicted to gambling. In the US, an organization known as Gamblers Anonymous is available to help those who are in need.

Like with anything else, a person must recognize that they have a problem before it can be addressed. If you think you may be a gambling addict, contact Gamblers Anonymous today to meet with a professional.

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