Roulette Books

Frank Scoblete

The book Spin Roulette Gold was written by Frank Scoblete. It goes in to detail and describes the benefits to playing roulette for both short term and long term players. It covers the basics, such as what each piece of equipment does and how to play, for beginners so that they don't feel left out. For those who already know about the game, Scoblete explains how cheating is done and how some wheels can be bias. His simple language when he explains these concepts make this book an engaging read for anyone interested in African online roulette.

Marten Jensen

Jensen wrote the Secrets of Winning Roulette, which covers the game of Roulette from a more data driven perspective. He offers a variety of Roulette strategies as well as explains how you can lower the house edge and put things in your favor. Jensen also explains why some strategies are not successful, covering most of the popular Roulette strategies. Secrets of Winning Roulette explains everything a Roulette player needs to know in a simple and statistical manner to make them better.

Samuel Blankson

How to Win at Online Roulette, written by Samuel Blankson, is one of the most comprehensive guides available for those who want to play online Roulette. Playing Roulette online is different than playing at a casino. There are some rules that are different while others are completely new. Blankson goes beyond the typical explanation, offering pictures and diagrams so that you can understand what he is trying to explain. For novice players, he explains how the game is played and what the most common strategies are. If anyone is looking to play Online Roulette successfully, this book will be an invaluable asset.

John Grochowski

The Casino Answer Book, written by John Grochowski, helps break down the concept of lowering the house advantage. Some chapters explain the basic rules for the game while others talk about the history of Roulette and some advanced strategies. Also, there are several quizzes that the reader can take to see if they truly understand what is being said in the book. This offers a fun and interesting twist on the sometimes difficult material.

All of the listed authors offer a different approach to the game of Roulette. Even if their styles and concepts differ, all of them are very interesting reads for those who want to learn more about Roulette. By combining the information given, you'll be able to create a very strong Roulette strategy that will make you a powerful player. You may even be able to play and win some money doing what you enjoy the most. If any of the authors sound interesting, make sure you give them a read.

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